Living your Life by Jumping in with Both Feet

I’ve just read a post over on Stepcase Lifehack called 4 Big Reasons to Jump Into Your Life with Both Feet that had a strong resonance with myself and thought would share it on our blog.

The author, Steve Errey, introduces the concept of Inspired Participation:

Participation is an active process of engaging with your own life. Inspiration is doing what you do knowing that’s it’s a positive choice and means something to you. So Inspired Participation is about plugging into everything in your life, finding value in it all and letting yourself do what comes naturally.

I really liked this definition, it illustrates perfectly the importance of being in control of your life, and how this can lead to manifesting your desires.

Later in the post Steve’s 4th reason is Inspired Participation In Action, this is my favourite in the list and highlights the power of taking action. As I have discussed in a previous post, this has to be one of the most crucial areas to focus on to reach successful outcomes in any personal development quest. You need to get into the habit of taking action and very quickly you will notice powerful results.

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